Spere is an online shopping platform that simplifies the process of purchasing electronics.

Using algorithms to summarize both technical attributes and consumer sentiment into one Spere Score, users are able to make accurate purchasing decisions without worry of getting an inferior product.

After deciding on which product to buy, users are then able to track and compare prices from a limited selection of up to 5 trusted sellers.

Spere is built from scratch with PHP and JS.

Exam Owl

Exam Owl is your one stop destination for testing help. Featuring AP, IB, SAT, ACT and Final Grade/GPA calculators, forums and resources.

Began as a personal project to help out my fellow students in 2014 and has grown to become the world's second most popular AP score site.

Boasts the only up-to-date scoring formulas as of April, 2016 and features a responsive mobile design. Ranks number one in APUSH calculator keywords and number two in AP calculator keywords.

Built from scratch with PHP and a custom MVC framework.


Created an online presence for a local 6 month old restaurant. Using Jekyll and SASS, I built a custom design with the goal of converting visitors to restaurant patrons.

Made with HTML and SCSS


Created an updated website for the #4 environmental construction company in China.

Using Grav, I built a multi-language supported, mobile friendly website with the goal of converting new clients for the company.

Made with HTML and SCSS

The Pod Drop

Created a new website for the original iPhone repair company, The Pod Drop.

Using Jekyll, I built a mobile friendly website with the goal of showcasing the company's new custom printed phone case line.

Made with HTML and SCSS


Gamez4School is an online flash games website for kids to play unblocked games at school.

Created in 2011, as a way to pass my time in my boring middle school classes. The site gets currently averages 200K visits annually.

Powered by Google Sites.

GM Location Finder

Location finder for GM vehicles is an app that I built in 36 hours during MHacks 8, in the fall of 2016.

The app lets you find restaurants, hotels, atms and gas nearby within a set distance from your location all from a GM vehicle dashboard.

Built with Google Location API and JS.


I'm a student at the University of Michigan majoring in CS at the COE.

In my free time I play basketball, travel and find new interesting cuisine to eat. But I also develop software.





JAVA / C++


LAMP Administration


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